Throw you a bone to Crunch1 on

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Throw you a bone to Crunch1 on

Post by Chevy00 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:43 pm

Well crunch. As much as it pains me. This is the one week a year when I root for the kitties. I would watch out though. Watching the live stream from last week, I would say London has just about got them blocking like they used to. Going in unison a half second before the ball is snapped. They only got called for it a few times. So they are almost there. Winslow did look flat and unmotivated too, so is really is hard to tell though.

While I am rooting for SL this week. I am a little annoyed that nobody is covering the RV@Thatcher game. Do we really need 3 stations covering the same game? Both teams have a buzzsaw waiting for them in the first or second round of the playoffs anyway. Why would nobody want to go south and cover a potential state title preview? I guess I'll be staying home and watching the kids run around the basketball court next to Lobo stadium, while I try to convince the wife that I do need one of everything from the concession stand. I will just explain to her that my blood pressure will be fine since the the game won't ever be in question. Because Holbrook.

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Re: Throw you a bone to Crunch1 on

Post by Crunch1 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:18 am

Thanks for the temporary support(is that like edible undies?) haha
I'm with you, though, I would love to see that RV/Thatcher game!
And your game with the speedchickens will be super bad, SL scored 76 in the 1st half, you will be watching the 3rd and 4th string Lobos play most of the night.
While watching film this week, we all saw the synchronized jump before the snap, we'll probably get that crappy Flagstaff ref crew, so it won't get called.

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